It wasn’t that long ago that it used to cost an absolute fortune to go to Europe. But, now cheap flights to Europe mean that you can take off to almost any European city at very little cost. And, these flights are not at all limited to western European destinations.

Since the cold wall is now over, the previously out-of-bounds eastern European cities are great places to visit. They welcome all tourists and have great deals waiting there for you.

The cheapest flights are usually to the larger European cities – London, Paris, and Rome – but, you can get some great deals if you want to fly in to cities that are a little off the beaten path. If you want to travel throughout England, for instance, you might want to try flying in to Manchester or Birmingham.

If you want to go to anywhere in northern Europe, Amsterdam or Brussels may be a great option for you.

It goes without saying that there is enough to do throughout all the countries of Europe to keep you busy for months. There is no way you can see the entire area in a fixed amount of time, so why not just book a one-way ticket on any number of cheap flights to Europe and take the time exploring?

This will be one trip you will never regret taking and one whose memories will stay with you for the rest of your life. So make sure you look out for cheap flights to Europe when you get the chance.

The reunification of East en West Germany in 1990 made Berlin come out as modern and lively, forward-looking cultural centre. Nowadays Europe’s capital of cool has over 170 museums and galleries with diverse topics as twentieth-century and contemporary art, old-master paintings, the city’s past and its Jewish residents, erotica, ethnology, technology, Indian art and European culture, the ancient Greek architecture, ancient Egypt, Bauhaus design and architecture and natural history. But also the more recent history at the Berlin Wall Memorial and the House am Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin Wall Memorial
The Berlin Wall Memorial remembers the ones who tried to cross the border from east to west and didn’t make it alive. You can peer through sections of the wall in preserved area’s to see what’s left of the electric fence and anti-tank equipments in the dead strip.

Nightlife And Festivals
Berlin has a very exciting nightlife and exclusive club scene which attracts the young from all over the world. The city also has a lot of annual festivals, such as Myfest, PopKomm and one of the largest gay pride festivals of Europe: Christopher Street Day.

Berlin’s Architecture
The architecture in Berlin is overwhelming and of many different periods. Visit the rebuilt Schloss Charlottenburg, the seat of the German Cancellor which is a spectacular of the modern architecture which is used nowadays by Berliners to rebuild their city. Don’t forget to go to the debating chamber of the Reichstag building which is made of glass and overlooks the Brandeburger Gate.

Boutiques And Opera
Take a stroll along the expensive boutiques and many stylish restaurants and cafés in Kurfürsterdamm. Visit the Tiergarten Park and walk along Unter den Linden from the Brandenburg Gate to the river if you like it more relaxed or visit one of the famous opera’s. Whether you go to old or new Berlin and whether you like historical or modern, Berlin is a fascinating city for everyone.


n 2007, the European Union pledged to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2020. To further this goal, European countries have agreed to produce 20% of their energy from renewable sources such as wind farms and solar energy. Sweden has the most ambitious clean energy target in the European Union. It seeks to produce 50% of its energy from renewable sources, including Europe’s largest wind farm, within the next ten years.

There are currently six operational wind farms in Sweden and more in the development phase. The largest proposed project is a series of wind farms to be built in a secluded 175 square mile area in Markbygden in Northern Sweden. The region has excellent wind conditions. The turbines would be built near three existing power lines which can be utilized to distribute the generated electricity. The Markgygden wind farm would include over 1000 wind turbines and is expected to generate 10 terawatt (10 trillion watts) hours per year. It will cost $6.9 billion dollars to build and could be completed within 12-15 years. The wind farm is expected to be the largest on-shore source of wind energy in Europe.

In 2009, the Norrbotten county administrative board in Sweden recommended that the government grant a permit to the Swedish company Markbygden Vind AB to build the wind farm. According to an April 6, 2009, press release issued by regional authorities, the permit will only be issued if the farm does not impact defense interests, and fauna and forest reindeer will be adequately protected. The government will not make a decision until 2010 and, to date, no construction contract has been signed.

Seventy-five percent of Markbygden Vind AB is owned by Svevind Holding which has extensive experience in wind farm technology and has already received permits to construct other facilities in Sweden. The other twenty-five percent of the company is owned by the German company Enercon which is one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers.

Clean energy solutions are among the items to be addressed by organizations promoting the dot eco initiative. Dot Eco LLC, with support from Al Gore, the Alliance for Climate Protection, Sierra Club and Surfrider have applied to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for an “.eco” top level domain. ICANN restricts the number of top level domains (such as .com or .org) but is currently reviewing applications for additional domains. The Dot eco initiative consists of a team of internet technicians, scientists, and media experts who plan to use the domain name to connect environmentally-minded people across the globe. A portion of the registration fees generated by those registering “.eco” sites will be donated to green causes. It represents a further development in the world’s progress towards clean, sustainable energy.

There are many people around the world who look forward to trips to Europe. This is not surprising – Europe is a continent that offers so much to visitors. Yet every visitor is likely to get a different experience because Europe is an extremely diverse region.

If you don’t believe this, then try visiting London and Venice. When you compare your experiences, you’ll realise that you may well have enjoyed both trips. But it’s likely that you’ll find that the two cities have as many differences as they have aspects in common. This is part of the joy of Europe and is to be celebrated.

This diversity stems from the development of the continent and its history. It’s always been broken down into very distinct regions and nations. That means that some of the countries have a history of diversity, even within their own borders.

Some people, when visiting a European country, will look to seek out home comforts. Although this may be understandable, it can be surprising to see people eating in fast food restaurants, for example, when they are in a location where they are surrounded by great places to eat.

If you’re in France or Italy, for instance, then it would seem silly to not eat as the locals do. That’s because the local people are eating some of the finest food and freshest ingredients on the planet!

By looking at how the local people live their lives, you can get a good idea of the local culture. You’ll also start to see the differences between one European country and the next. Such observations will allow you to get a feel for what a country, region or city is really like. This approach can help you to get the most from your trip.

If you want to gain knowledge and appreciation of local customs during your trip then take the time to look at the various aspects of local culture. Europe offers an amazing amount of diversity and it’s this fact that can help to make a better holiday for you.

There comes a time in most people’s life when they want to travel across Europe to see its beautiful landscapes, different cultures and taste the famous cuisine of one or two well known countries. If you want to relax and have a good time you should go on a European river cruise.

There are plenty of cruises to choose from, and there are plenty of rivers in Europe too. The most famous possibly is the Danube which flows through ten countries, including four Central and Eastern European capitals. The Danube originates in Germany and after a long travel it finally empties in the Black Sea via a delta in Ukraine and Romania.

When cruising the Danube you’ll most likely see the famous “Knee of the Danube” at Visegrad, Hungary, Budapest, the capital of Hungary and also the so-called “Paprika Land” near the border of Hungary and Croatia, otherwise known as the Hungarian Lowlands. Other famous cities you’ll see on your trip are Vienna, the capital of Austria, the city of Melk which is also located in Austria, Bratislava, capital of Slovakia and a few other major cities which were built somewhere on the 1771 miles of the Danube.

Make sure you have a camera with you because there’s always something to see when on a European river cruise. If you’re not out sightseeing or maybe on a city tour – which are available from almost every port you’ll visit – the ports usually have entertainment, restaurants, museums, etc. Choose a cruise that fits you and book your trip today, it really worth it!

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